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About Centre for entrepreneurship

Centre for Entrepreneurship, business support institution, was founded in March 1997 as an NGO. Founders of Centre were professors of J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek and Entrepreneurs from the Osijek-Baranja County. Main activities of Centre are Entrepreneurial support and Project implementation. Organization has 7 employees.

Within the service of Entrepreneurial support Centre provides different services to entrepreneurs and those who want to become one. Main services are counselling, informing and education of entrepreneurs. Centre also organizes different networking activities such as conferences, meeting and round tables.

Within Project department Centre is mainly working with EU projects, specifically on preparation and writing of project proposals and its implementation. Centre provides support to different organizations that are implementing EU projects in order to support growth of local economy.

Centre for Entrepreneurship Osijek, as NGO, has strong connections with civil society and has incorporated crucial values such as knowledge, quality and positive attitude in its business as a foundation for organizational growth and development. Therefore Centre has been working with different stakeholders from NGO’s, women entrepreneurs and youth to public bodies, faculties and entrepreneurs. On a mission to create entrepreneurial environment not just in business, but in every aspect of life, Centre has been recognized as one of key stakeholders, not just on local, but rather on national level.

EU projects of Centre for Entrepreneurship Osijek

Business potential of academic R&D activities in the university centres and their transfer to SMEs in the Cross-Border Region (CROSBOR&D) - Interegg 2006- 2007

The main objective of the project was to improve the transfer of technology, innovations and research results from the academic environment to the SMEs and to enhance the innovative level of the SMEs, which will strengthen the competitiveness of the cross-border region as a whole. Project value: 132.259,00 €.

Tradition for the Future – Rural Tourism across Boarders – CBC Croatia - Serbia 2011-2012

Main objective of the project is economic and social development of the Baranja / Backa Danubian region and sustainable management of natural and cultural resources through development of endogenous (rural) tourism in a cross-border context and cooperation. Project value: 444.502,26 €.

Education and Networking – Opportunity for Employment – IPA IV 2011-2012

Overall objective: Strengthen development of Osijek-Baranja County through empowerment of local communities, entrepreneurship and increase of overall life quality. Specific objective: Formation of project teams which will provide entrepreneurial support and instigate cooperation, development and implementation of projects on local level. Project value: 91.677,45 €.

CO-EFFICIENT – MED 2013 - 2015

The project set-up a permanent collaborative framework for energy efficiency innovation in operations and production processes of SMEs. The framework will coordinate cross-border living labs active in all partner countries and seek to involve R&D organisations, SMEs, and other stakeholders to co-create energy efficiency innovations. The project set up 10 local pilots through 2 international living labs thereby producing energy-saving solutions for the involved SMEs. Project value: 1.900.500,00 €.

APP4INNO – SEE 2012 - 2014

The general aim of the project was to create transnational competitiveness support system for exploiting the innovation potentials of agricultural SME’s across South East Europe, creating the framework for SME’s to access innovation, technology transfer and cooperation as keys for their competitiveness in the international markets. Project value: 1.860.560,00 €.

Pannonia Organica – CBC Croatia - Serbia 2013 - 2014

Project had a goal to gather bio agriculture producers in cross border region of Pannonia. Within the project different networking activities were organized for target group together with research and development activities towards creation of new products. Project value: 377.843,27 €.

Guidance Partnership Service – CBC Croatia – Hungary 2013 -2014

Aims of the project were to create Alternative labour market program and to decrease lack of information and the ignorance about labour market, to help cooperation, to decrease lack of information on ventures and to change the attitude of unemployed to new IT tools. Project value: 215.797,00 €.

A.C.T.I.V.E. – IPA IV 2014 - 2015

Goal of the project was to increase employment and self-employment of youth in region through informing, counselling and education. There were 2 courses of a project, one was towards youth that wanted to be employed and to build their own career, and other was for those who wanted to start their own companies. Project value: 222.719,80 €.

Strengthening Women’s position on labour market – IPA IV 2013 - 2014

Main goal of the project was to increase women’s employability in Osijek-Baranja County. This was to be achieved with increased number of female engineers. Project was focused on female high school students in order to motivate them to choose career in technical science. Project value: 192.264,87 €.

It Works – European Social Fund 2015 - 2016

Project has a goal to increase employability of target group members that are rehabilitated addicts and youth that didn’t finish high school thro Job Club activities. Purpose of the project was to provide support to people both professional and medical in order to empower and motivate them in order to become active on labour market. Project value: 63.827,89 €.

Entrepreneurial Academy – European Social Fund 2015 – 2016

Project is focused on promotion of entrepreneurship and long-life learning towards youth. With 4 different campaigns youth will be addressed and stimulated to participate in content for the best entrepreneurship idea and by development of it they will be developing their skills. Project value: 32.583,66 €.


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